About Us

The Beginning

ADVATEST is an LLC launched in 2018 as a provider and facilitator of medical DNA testing, based on marketing that utilizes ease of patient access to labs, informative and individualized health options, and advocacy for healthier living for everyone.

What We Do

Our job is simple: we engage personable, informed, and motivated agents throughout the United States, train them to conduct and advocate for DNA testing and personalized genetic awareness, and provide easy access to DNA testing for Physician Practices in all regions we serve.

What We Offer

ADVATEST offers uniquely designed physician service practices including complete direct reporting of lab results to physicians, and genetic counseling by trained staff.

Our Story

Our Story

Advatest began with an idea — to simplify the complex nature of DNA testing, bringing cutting-edge science and technology direct to physician practices. In just a short while, that idea has evolved into easy access and availability of testing services that empower each patient, their healthcare provider and family members with the knowledge they need to best support healthy lifestyle choices.

How It Works

ADVATEST facilitates two quick, easy tests for people wishing to learn more about their own health status and predispositions. Genetic testing is an essential means for long-term understanding of one’s own health traits or tendencies – and those of one’s family members with shared genetic composition.